Although Agate Investments client list includes a wide spectrum of international and local companies. Agate has never given up on its principle of building a personal, one-to-one relationship with each individual client. As part of our philosophy and commitment to success,  Agate Investments guarantees only the most professional and efficient assistance in understanding and realizing the needs of our clients.

Our organization places secrecy as the highest importance upon being trustworthy and maintaining confidentiality. Given favorable or unfavorable conditions, we have the resources and depth of expertise to calmly and smoothly continue along the course.

Agate Investments provides knowledge, experience and a track record within selected industries while at the same time providing senior level commitment for any assignment. By constantly improving our processes, communication and performance, we assist our clients in achieving their business objectives and maximizing the value of their businesses.

Our proven success-based approach to business sales, coupled with proper presentation of the operational and financial aspects of your firm, will maximize your company's value and enables our success rate to be considerably higher than that of the industry.

We leverage the experience gained from our varied professional backgrounds to evaluate alternatives collectively. This all-hands approach enables us to develop and deploy solutions to maximize value and overcome challenges across a wide range of industries.